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11/3/06 Seattle Times Coverage of Maple Leaf Community Council Candidates Forum

Below excerpts from an article by Seattle Times staff reporter Nick Perry in the November 3, 2006 Seattle Times, followed by the text of Steve Beren's opening statement.

There were no security guards, no protesters, no personal attacks. The debate between Rep. Jim McDermott and his two opponents in the 7th Congressional District last week was a gentle affair in front of 70 people. Introductions were made, three questions were asked and within 20 minutes, McDermott was outside Olympic View Elementary eating a scone....

Beren told the audience he considers himself a "September 11th Republican." He was a socialist in his youth and more recently a Democrat, he said. But after the 2001 attacks he turned to the Republican party because it was not afraid to tackle terrorism, he said. He believes the United States needs to take a tough line on terrorism and that there should be lower taxes for everyone, both wealthy and poor.

McDermott rates universal health care among his top issues. He said he also favors aggressive policies to combat global warming and an orderly withdrawal of American troops from Iraq.

The entire text of Nick Perry's article is available online at

Opening Statement by Steve Beren (10/25/06)

I’m Steve Beren, the Republican candidate for Congress.  I’m the perfect candidate to run against Jim McDermott.  I’m a former Democrat, and in my youth I was a Vietnam antiwar activist.

I’m a businessman, a Seattle resident since 1987, and I consider myself a September 11 Republican.  Since September 11, I’ve been a speaker and writer on the subject of international terrorism.  Now, I’m running for Congress, and my campaign has been endorsed by Dino Rossi, Attorney General Rob McKenna, Mike McGavick, and Slade Gorton.

I’m the only fiscal conservative in this race.  We need to control spending, cut taxes, reduce the deficit, and balance the budget.

I’m for lower taxes and smaller government, because lower taxes are better for families, property owners, and small businesses. 

In these challenging times, we need to keep taxes low to keep the economy growing.  The economy is strong – inflation is low, unemployment is low, the stock market is up, and the deficit is being reduced at a rate faster than projected.  Nevertheless, we can take action to even further strengthen the economy.

We should eliminate taxes for everybody making less than $25,000 a year, and we should greatly reduce taxes for everybody else.  I’m the only candidate who wants to increase the child tax credit.  I’m the only candidate who favors increasing the mortgage deduction.  I’m the only candidate who favors opportunity scholarships so families have the option of transferring their children to better schools. 

I support generous tax deductions for retirement savings, medical savings, and education savings. 

The economy is strong, but the presence of 12 million illegal immigrants depresses the wages of American workers, and burdens the taxpayers.  I’m the only candidate in the race who opposes amnesty for illegal aliens.

I’m for tough border security, for protecting our ports, and ending our dependence on foreign oil – those are matters of national security!

I support our troops, and I’m for victory in the war against terrorism.

But the incumbent has said of our troops in Iraq, quote: “as long as our troops are there, they’re going to be a continued irritant,” unquote. 

Actually, it is the incumbent who has become an irritant to the state of Washington.  If ever there was someone who should pursue an “exit strategy,” it’s Jim McDermott.

Support my campaign.  Help me change politics in Seattle and King County.  I will be an effective voice for you, and I ask for your vote.


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